Sunday, 24 February 2013

Juice Cleanse Day 4

I have finally finished my 4 day juice cleanse!!! It was very difficult at times to only stick to the juices and not give in to food, but I am so glad I did this!! I learned a lot about myself and how I feel towards food and how I much I think about food, all while cleansing my body of chemicals and toxins. I also lost about 5 lbs which was a bonus as well! During this cleanse I have thought a lot about how I am going to proceed with my diet and lifestyle, and I have decided that starting now, I am going to cut dairy from my diet. Im not going to go in to all the details, but I have done a lot of research recently on dairy and have discovered that like meat, it is full of chemicals and hormones. This is going to be difficult for me as I love cheese and yogurt, but I have seen various alternatives and am going to go for it!! I know the same types of chemicals and hormones are also in meat, however I dont think I am ready to let that go yet. Having said this, I am going to look in to buying locally farmed hormone free meat. Now getting back to the juice cleanse, I have really enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again. It might be something I consider doing once or twice a year. 

How was I feeling this morning when I woke up? I was not hungry at all this morning when I woke up and I actually had a bit of a difficult time drinking the first juice of the day. Not sure why this was, but when I did drink it, I felt fine and was able to drink the others throughout the day. I also woke up with a but of a surprise - 2 lovely blemishes on my chin! lol. I guess this is one way my body is getting rid of the toxins and shouldnt complain as this is what I wanted it to do! 

How was I feeling throughout the day? I was at work for a lot of the day and so since I was busy I did not notice whether or not I was hungry! I guess this was a good things as I was not thinking about food!! I had lots of energy throughout the day which was nice like the other days, was also still peeing a lot. After work I had to go and get groceries for the week..... that was a little difficult. They say you should never get groceries when you are hungry, but I actually did quite well and did not buy anything I normally wouldnt buy and stayed away from junk food! yay! Here is my favourite juice from today: 

Orange, grapefruit, lemon: This was so yummy!! I love citrusy fruits, and this juice was so refreshing! 

This juice was not one of my favourites: 

Cucumber, lemon, carrot, beets, fennel: This was similar to the one I had yesterday that was also not my favourite lol. I really did not like this juice!!! It just tasted so..... weird..... and beety lol I like the juices that have a little more fruit I guess? Darn that sweet tooth!! 

How am I feeling after the juice cleanse? Great!! I am so glad that I did this!! I feel so healthy and clean, and refreshed! I would definitely recommend doing a juice cleanse, and I also definitely recommend doing it through the Raw Juice Guru. Eliane (the guru) was so great at answering any questions I had throughout the cleanse and got back to me very quickly even if I emailed her late in the evening! I loved that this cleanse had different juices each day and was made for me! If you ever want more information, please go to their website or their facebook page. Eliane will answer any questions or address any concerns you have and will work to help create a cleanse that is right for you! Now, having said all of this, I am glad that I can go back to eating food tomorrow as I have missed it! What can I say? :D

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