Thursday, 28 February 2013

I am a runner??

So if you are my friend on fb, you know that each day I have been doing dailyhiit workouts through bodyrock TV. I love these workouts as they are quick, but intense, and really get me sweating (even if it is just for 12-20 mins). Even though I am doing these workouts, I feel that I need to reintroduce some cardio back in to my routine. Because my membership at Goodlife has expired (and no, I am not going to renew as there are so many things you can do at home for free), I have decided to incorporate some running in to my routine. Because I have not run in such a long time, I am going to start slow, I am thinking 20-30 mins every other day. I will also be running in intervals since I am just getting started. So walk for 2 mins, run for 2 mins, and repeat. All of my research has shown that working out in intervals is the best anways, plus, you gotta start somewhere right?

So, to get me ready for this endeavour, I went out last night and bought some new running shoes! I have some Nike runners already, but I only use them for inside workouts (like my dailyhiit workouts) and I dont want to ruin them by running with them outside, especially in this snowy weather. So I bought some new runners that I am going to start wearing outside once the snow melts, and for now I am going to run outside with my New Balance shoes that I hate and want to get rid of. I figure I might as well use them to run outside in these weather conditions and then throw them out in the spring time. I also bought these grippy things that go over the soles of my shoes which help to give my shoes some grip so I dont slip in the snow! No excuses! I admit I went a little crazy with this, but I also bought a lululemon running jacket. Hey, it was on sale! To me, there is nothing like hot, new workout clothes to get me motivated! If Im going to make a fool of myself in public while running, I might as well look good right??

So today, I went out for my first run. I ran for just over 20 minutes. 2 mins walking, 2 mins running and switching back and forth. It went well. I did not run with music as I wanted to focus on my run. There are so many nice houses to look at around where I live, so I did a little sight seeing :) Like I said, my goal is to run every other day and then alternate with dailyhiit workouts. Wish me luck!! :)

My new Nike shoes 

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