Saturday, 23 February 2013

Juice Cleanse Day 3

Day 3 is done!! Overall it went about the same as yesterday however my hunger fluctuated a little more, so I was not constantly hungry but just hungry at certain times. I noticed today that the juices were not as fruity which is sad because I love the fruity ones!! I guess the RJG is trying to squeeze more veggies in me as I approach the end!!

How was I feeling this morning when I woke up? I felt great! Like the other days, I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I was hungry this morning like I always am when I wake up but after having my first juice I seemed to be fine. I also noticed that my skin was clear looking and also glowy. I liked that :)

How was I feeling throughout the day? Like I just mentioned, my hunger was on and off today. Maybe its because I increased my water intake throughout the day so it helped me to stay full? Or maybe I am just getting used to this. I was peeing A LOT. Was a little awkward to be going so much at work, but it is what it is!! I noticed today how food is everywhere. At work co-workers were asking me if I wanted anything from Timmies, my husband ordered a pizza for dinner (which I wasnt even tempted with which is interesting), and people are always talking about food in general. It seems like food kind of takes over our lives.... just something I noticed. Here is my favourite juice of the day:

Pomegranate, cucumber, apple: So yummy!! I didnt really taste the pomegranate too much even though the juice was red, but the apple and cucumber flavour was yummy!

Here is a juice that I did not like today:

Carrot, celery, cucumber, kale, beet, lemon: This tasted like dirt. Must have been the roots. It was very beety and just kind of yucky. But I drank it (twice today actually) and I survived.

How am I feeling after day 3? I feel great. My skin is still glowing and I have lots of energy even after  being on my feet all day. I have not been as hungry and I am not as tempted by food around me like I was the first 2 days. I am looking forward to my last day though and being able to eat food on Monday :)

Oh, something I forgot to mention on my last post. My body was very sore from a workout that I had gone on Family Day. After day 1, my muscles were totally fine. I think I had read somewhere that ginger is good for sore muscles and lots of my juices on day 1 had ginger so maybe thats why? :)

For more info:

Come back tomorrow evening (or maybe Monday morning) for an update on day 4 and how I feel with the cleanse being complete!  


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