Friday, 22 February 2013

Juice Cleanse Day 2

So I am finished day 2 of my juice cleanse through the Raw Juice Guru. The juices today were similar to the ones from yesterday with some differences though. One big difference that I have noticed between yesterday and today is that the juices were not as sour! Most of them today did not have lemon, however even the ones that did were not as sour to me. Strange.

How was I feeling this morning when I woke up? Hungry lol I have been so so hungry since starting this. It is so hard to not just get up and go to the fridge and make something to eat! But I am getting through it and am really happy about it! I was not tired when I woke up, I felt energized and had a clear mind. Overall, feeling really good!

How was I feeling throughout the day? Again, I have had lots of energy and my mind has been very clear. Like yesterday, I was peeing a lot, however, I managed to get through a very important meeting this afternoon without having to leave to pee! Success!! Of course I am hungry and am wishing I could have something with substance to eat, but I keep reminding myself why I am doing this and how good it is for me, and so I keep going without giving in to food. I still have 2 days of juices left and with it being the weekend I know I am going to struggle. Usually on weekends my husband and I like to go out for dinner and meet some friends at the pub for a drink, but not this weekend (well not me anyways). I dont normally drink that often but I do enjoy going out with friends and hanging out on a saturday night. I think though that this weekend I am going to stay in as I dont want to be tempted by food and drinks! I can do this!! Here are my favourite 2 juices from today:

Carrot, apple, cranberry, kale - This juice was delicious!!! I think I mentioned this in my last post but my mom used to always make fresh carrot, apple, beet juice so this was very similar, and I just love the taste! Very fresh!

Grapefruit, ginger - This basically just tasted like fresh grapefruit juice with just a hint of ginger, but it was so good! Grapefruits are one of my favourite fruits, so I really enjoyed this juice!

How am I feeling after day 2? I feel great! My energy has been consistent all day which is nice and I am starting to enjoy the juices a little more than I did yesterday! It is also nice that I have still not been experiencing any negative side effects. However there is a bit of white film on my tongue, but other than that, so far so good. But.... I am still SO SO SO HUNGRY!! All I want to do is eat. And Im not craving sugar or anything crappy, im just craving food. Even a salad would be pretty amazing right now. This is when I just keep reminding myself why I am doing this and how great this is for my body. I can do this. I am half done. And on monday, I can enjoy a salad.... or maybe something else..... ha ha

These are my juices for today (day 2)

Come back tomorrow evening for an update on day 3 :) 

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